[Mp3]-[Rock Album] WORLD ROCK COLLECTION 2014 รวมเพลงชาวร๊อค 2014 [Shared]

Track List : : :
Scorpions/015. Born To Touch Your Feelings.mp3    15.90 MB
Bon Jovi/015. Bed of roses.mp3    15.09 MB
Scorpions/029. Holiday.mp3    15.02 MB
Scorpions/020. Still Loving You.mp3    14.82 MB
Bon Jovi/016. These days.mp3    14.78 MB
Scorpions/002. You And I.mp3    14.41 MB
Bon Jovi/018. Blood on blood.mp3    14.35 MB
Scorpions/038. Rock You Like A Hurricane (feat London symphony orchestra).mp3    13.91 MB
Bon Jovi/020. Always.mp3    13.47 MB
AC-DC/015. Live Wire.mp3    13.36 MB
Bon Jovi/013. I'll be there for you.mp3    13.22 MB
AC-DC/029. For Those About To Rock (We Salut You).mp3    13.14 MB
Bon Jovi/012. Blaze of glory jon.mp3    12.94 MB
Scorpions/023. Does Any More Know.mp3    12.62 MB
Scorpions/031. Humanity.mp3    12.46 MB
AC-DC/006. Whole Lotta Rosie.mp3    12.41 MB
Scorpions/009. Believe In Love.mp3    12.37 MB
AC-DC/003. Shoot To Thrill.mp3    12.20 MB
Bon Jovi/022. In these arms.mp3    12.19 MB
Bon Jovi/011. When we were beautiful.mp3    12.13 MB
Bon Jovi/009. Bad medicine.mp3    12.08 MB
Scorpions/012. The Good Die Young.mp3    12.06 MB
Scorpions/004. Wind Of Change.mp3    12.01 MB
AC-DC/016. Hells Bells.mp3    12.00 MB
Bon Jovi/008. Wanted dead or alive.mp3    11.78 MB
Scorpions/037. Crazy World.mp3    11.74 MB
Scorpions/017. Coming Home.mp3    11.53 MB
Scorpions/003. Always Somewhere.mp3    11.40 MB
Scorpions/025. Don't Believe Her.mp3    11.35 MB
Scorpions/010. Under The Same Sun.mp3    11.27 MB
AC-DC/002. Thunderstruck.mp3    11.25 MB
Scorpions/035. Lonely Nights.mp3    11.17 MB
Scorpions/034. In Trance.mp3    11.01 MB
Scorpions/018. Tease Me Please Me.mp3    10.99 MB
AC-DC/024. Jailbreak.mp3    10.80 MB
Bon Jovi/014. Born to be my baby.mp3    10.70 MB
Bon Jovi/017. Who says you can't go home.mp3    10.70 MB
Nickelback/009.This Afternoon.mp3    10.56 MB
AC-DC/012. If You Want Blood (You've Got It).mp3    10.53 MB
Scorpions/027. Hit Between The Eyes.mp3    10.52 MB
Scorpions/022. Send Me An Angel.mp3    10.51 MB
Scorpions/033. Lorelei.mp3    10.48 MB
Scorpions/016. The Best Is Yet To Come.mp3    10.46 MB
AC-DC/014. Hard As A Rock.mp3    10.43 MB
AC-DC/022. Touch Too Much.mp3    10.24 MB
Bon Jovi/007. In and out of love.mp3    10.16 MB
Nickelback/024.I'd Come For You.mp3    10.11 MB
AC-DC/013. Rock'n'Roll Train.mp3    10.06 MB
AC-DC/005. Big Gun.mp3    10.04 MB
Nickelback/005.Never Again.mp3    10.03 MB
Nickelback/003.Follow You Home.mp3    10.01 MB
Nickelback/010.Photograph.mp3    9.96 MB
Scorpions/019. Daddy's Girl.mp3    9.92 MB
Scorpions/006. White Dove.mp3    9.90 MB
AC-DC/011. Back In Black.mp3    9.82 MB
Nickelback/028.Feelin' Way Too Damn Good.mp3    9.80 MB
Scorpions/001. Rock You Like A Hurricane.mp3    9.70 MB
Nickelback/026.Gotta Be Somebody.mp3    9.70 MB
Nickelback/032.Rockstar.mp3    9.70 MB
Bon Jovi/005. Lost highway.mp3    9.68 MB
AC-DC/021. Are You Ready.mp3    9.63 MB
Nickelback/030.Trying Not To Love You.mp3    9.62 MB
Scorpions/011. Big City Nights.mp3    9.62 MB
Bon Jovi/001. Livin' on a prayer.mp3    9.57 MB
Nickelback/017.If Today Was Your Last Day.mp3    9.55 MB
Nickelback/022.Believe It Or Not.mp3    9.54 MB
AC-DC/017. High Voltage.mp3    9.47 MB
Scorpions/014. The Game Of Life.mp3    9.39 MB
Nickelback/029.Just For.mp3    9.36 MB
Bon Jovi/010. We weren't born to follow.mp3    9.33 MB
Scorpions/036. Is There Anybody There.mp3    9.17 MB
Scorpions/026. Raised On Rock.mp3    9.17 MB
Nickelback/020.Far Away.mp3    9.17 MB
AC-DC/023. Big Jack.mp3    9.13 MB
Scorpions/028. No One Like You.mp3    9.11 MB
Scorpions/007. Bad Boys Running Wild.mp3    9.06 MB
Nickelback/027.Throw Yourself Away.mp3    9.06 MB
AC-DC/027. Kicked In The Teeth.mp3    9.03 MB
Nickelback/025.Too Bad.mp3    8.94 MB
AC-DC/010. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.mp3    8.93 MB
Bon Jovi/023. The more things change.mp3    8.91 MB
Nickelback/018.Don't Ever Let It End.mp3    8.90 MB
Scorpions/032. Make It Real.mp3    8.87 MB
Bon Jovi/002. Runaway.mp3    8.84 MB
Nickelback/023.Figured You Out.mp3    8.81 MB
Scorpions/013. Blackout.mp3    8.79 MB
Nickelback/006.Lullaby.mp3    8.78 MB
Scorpions/024. Rhythm Of Love.mp3    8.78 MB
Bon Jovi/019. Lay your hands on me.mp3    8.75 MB
Nickelback/021.Never Gonna Be Alone.mp3    8.75 MB
Bon Jovi/006. Have a nice day.mp3    8.74 MB
AC-DC/018. Moneytalks.mp3    8.70 MB
Bon Jovi/024. What do you got.mp3    8.67 MB
AC-DC/028. That's The Way I Wanna Rock'n'Roll.mp3    8.67 MB
Nickelback/013.How You Remind Me.mp3    8.62 MB
Scorpions/008. When The Smoke Is Going Down.mp3    8.61 MB
Bon Jovi/025. No apologies.mp3    8.58 MB
Nickelback/016.Should've Listened.mp3    8.58 MB
Bon Jovi/004. It's my life.mp3    8.57 MB
Bon Jovi/003. You give love a bad name.mp3    8.52 MB
Nickelback/001.Shakin' Hands.mp3    8.47 MB
Nickelback/011.Savin' Me.mp3    8.45 MB
Nickelback/002.Something In Your Mouth.mp3    8.43 MB
Nickelback/015.If Everyone Cared.mp3    8.40 MB
AC-DC/019. Rock 'N' Roll Damnation.mp3    8.39 MB
AC-DC/020. What Do You Do For Money Honey.mp3    8.29 MB
AC-DC/026. Stiff Upper Lip.mp3    8.29 MB
AC-DC/004. T.N.T.mp3    8.28 MB
Scorpions/030. Maybe I Maybe You.mp3    8.17 MB
Nickelback/014.Burn It To The Ground.mp3    8.13 MB
AC-DC/009. You Shook Me All Night Long.mp3    8.10 MB
Nickelback/031.Leader Of Men.mp3    8.05 MB
AC-DC/001. Highway To Hell.mp3    8.03 MB
Nickelback/007.Someday.mp3    8.00 MB
AC-DC/008. Girls Got Rhythm.mp3    7.84 MB
Bon Jovi/021. This is love this is life.mp3    7.83 MB
AC-DC/025. Shot Down In Flames.mp3    7.82 MB
Nickelback/008.Hero.mp3    7.63 MB
Nickelback/019.Midnight Queen.mp3    7.51 MB
Nickelback/012.When We Stand Together.mp3    7.36 MB
Scorpions/005. Are You The One.mp3    7.26 MB
Scorpions/021. Destiny.mp3    7.19 MB
AC-DC/007. Fire Your Guns.mp3    6.71 MB
Nickelback/004.Flat On The Floor.mp3    4.76 MB

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