[Mp3]-[Hit Song] เพลงรักท่ามกลางสายฝน ฟังเพราะสบาย ในชุด Love Rain Sentimental Chill Songs [Solidfiles]

Track List : : : AEX
001.MAGIC! - Rude.mp3    8.71 MB
002.Monday Afternoon -IU.mp3      9.71 MB
003.Charlie Brown, Le&#239 la - Presque Arriv&#233 s.mp3        8.96 MB
004.Ella Henderson - Ghost.mp3          8.34 MB
005.Extraordinary - Clean Bandit Feat Sharna Bass.mp3        9.89 MB
006.A Day Without You(Sung by CHEN(EXO)).mp3       8.31 MB
007.In the heart of the -Sergey Lazarev.mp3    7.40 MB
008.Sia - Chandelier.mp3        8.40 MB
009.Soyu (Sistar) & Mad Clown -Stupid In Love.mp3           9.68 MB
010.Special Love.mp3        7.89 MB
011.Red -Taylor Swift.mp3      8.58 MB
012.Eres Mia - Romeo Santos.mp3       3.99 MB
013.come -San E feat. Kang Min Hee of Miss A.mp3          7.88 MB
014.Only Love Can Hurt Like This -Paloma Faith.mp3          8.99 MB   
015.Tell Me.mp3                    8.37 MB
016.Bartender -Lady Antenellum.mp3                 7.63 MB
017.With Me.mp3                 8.12 MB
018.Me and My Broken Heart -Rixton.mp3           7.50 MB
019.Thinking Out Loud -Ed Sheeran.mp3              10.87 M     
020.You Can Rely On Me -Jason Mraz.mp3           8.54 MB   
021.Lost stars -Adam Levine.mp3                    10.20 MB
022.All of Me (Radio Edit) - John Legend.mp3         7.03 M         
023.Religion -Eva Bushmina.mp3                    6.33 MB
024.the scent remains -Hugak.mp3            8.18 MB
025.A Great Big World - Say Something (Feat. Christina Aguilera).mp3        8.96 MB
026.Best Shot (Bonus Track).m4a             5.97 MB   
027.Zombie MTV unplugged2.mp3        9.85 MB         
028.Not Angels -Birdy.m4          6.44 MB   
029.Try - Colbie Caillat .mp3               8.67  MB     
030.Blind (Japan ver.) -YESUNG Super Junior.mp3           8.93 MB       
031.Touch Love -Yoon Mi Rae.mp3                 9.68 MB   
032.Pretty Hurts -Beyonce.mp3                     9.84 MB   
033.Gender seperation -Seo States.mp3        8.76 MB     
034.All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran.mp3          9.83 MB       
035.Crazy of you - Hyolin (Sistar).mp3          10.93 MB 
036.I want to be alone with you -Sophia Lukyanov.mp3             7.40 MB
037.Destiny -Yan Yi Dan.mp3           8.17 MB     
038.Nu Cuoi Dang.mp3               9.49 MB   
039.Made-seduction.mp3             7.90 MB 
040.Your voice -Alexander Showa (ex.Nepara).mp3               6.63 MB   
041.My Destiny.mp3                 9.05 MB
042.Stay With Me (Sam Smith).mp3                 6.76 MB
043.Tal - Pas Toi.mp3                 9.87 MB
044.Be The One -Jeff Bernat.mp3                   8.69 MB
045.Don t You Know [Iris II OST].mp3            4.90 MB
046.Edge -Youminsoo.mp3                    17.61 MB 
047.You are my everything -Alyosha .mp3             7.67 MB
048.Canvas of Life (acoustic ver.) - Epica.mp3          11.19 MB   
049.It Will Rain.mp3                   9.85 MB
050.You Don`t Know Love.mp3              9.27 MB
051.Wrong -Blaxy Girls.mp3               8.59 MB 
052.Dark Horse Katy Perry(feat. Juicy J).mp3             11.05 MB
053.Let it go - Demi Lovato .mp3                 7.19 MB
054.And one -Taeyeon SNSD [That Winter, The Wind Blows OST].mp3     9.82 MB
055.Sky to the skin -Lorena.mp3                  7.13 MB
056.I wanna marry -Weesung.mp3                 8.33 MB
057.A higher place -Adam Levine.mp3               7.34 MB 
058.Who I Am With You -Chris Young.mp3          7.42 MB
059.Good Bye Rain (Feat. YeonguOf Bromance).mp3           9.55 MB
060.Let Me In.m4a        8.11 MB
061.Am I wrong - Nico & Vinz .mp3          9.51 MB
062.Good Start -feat Kang Min Hee.mp3         8.32 MB 
063.Heart To Heart (James Blunt).mp3           8.01 MB 
064.Love Someone -Jason Mraz.mp3           9.80 MB 
065.Tee Shirt -Birdy.m4a           5.49 MB   
066.All I Want -Kodaline.m4a           10.32 MB
067.Tim.mp3               9.68 MB 
068.Promise -Yan Yi Dan.mp3            11.65 MB 
069.Gummy -Day And Night.mp3           8.84 MB
070.Angels from heaven -Philip Kirkorov.mp3            6.24 MB
071.Once -Ownership.mp3          9.97 MB
072.First Marriage -Jang Yoon Jeong.mp3           8.64 MB 
073.I hate it - Baek Ji Young .mp3           3.70 MB
074.Return -Lee Seung Gi .mp3            10.20 MB
075.I m with you -Stas Peha.mp3           6.92 MB
076.Suki Ja Nakattara....mp3             12.01 MB
077.Bruno Mars - Young Girls.mp3      8.77 MB
078.Into the trance -Ceesyl Orchestra.mp3          9.36 MB
079.It s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday -Jason Mraz.mp3         6.83 MB
080.A step you can t take back -Keisa Knightley.mp3          7.84 MB
081.Home.mp3           8.43 MB
082.We Found Love.mp3         7.71 MB
083.Rolling In The Deep( acoustic).mp3       8.93 MB
084.Strong - London Grammar.mp3        10.64 MB
085.It s Lou -Jin Kwon.mp3            7.28 MB 
086.Justin Timberlake - Not A Bad Thing.mp3     26.50 MB
087.Traci Braxton - Last Call (CDQ).mp3             8.99 MB
088.Maybe (Feat. &#54840 &#46976 ).mp3          9.03 MB
089.Goodbye To Romance -Sunny Hill.mp3           10.02 MB
090.Love - Cody Simpson Ft. Ziggy Marley.mp3        7.93 MB
091.Insomia (acoustic).mp3              8.32 MB
092.Long Drive -Jason Mraz.mp3        8.81 MB
093.You & I (One Direction).mp3         9.23 MB
094.Miracles In December - EXO.mp3        10.55 MB
095.Back.mp3           9.06 MB
096.Lost stars (into the night mix) -Adam Levine.mp3       8.33 MB
097.Davichi -The Letter.mp3            9.25 MB
098.Last Night - Az YetRadio Edit.mp3        9.65 MB
099.I Can t Tell You Why.mp3          8.51 MB
100.I can t say -Jeongki feat.Butterfly.mp3        9.48 MB
101.Shakira - Empire.mp3         9.33 MB
102.Dreamscape - Acoustic version - Epica.mp3     9.73 MB
103.Passenger - Let Her Go.mp3         9.68 MB
104.Ed Sheeran - One.mp3       9.77 MB
105.Hello.mp3            8.55 MB
106.4 Men -Only You.mp3      11.09 MB
107.Long Way Down.m4a      5.05 MฺB
108.Oblivion.m4a     7.60 MB
109.Wait.m4a       11.39 MB
110.Kim Bo Kyung - Don t Think You re Alone) (School 2013 OST.mp3    3.45 MB 
111.Kendra Morris - Concrete Waves.mp3    10.77 MB

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